Settling for Misconduct
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Case 13-CV-1616



Home invasion Minor Damage to property Excessive force Illegal search/seizure Physical force Gun

Plaintiff: Charlene Holly

Incident date: 11/29/2012

Location: 10640 S. Prairie Ave.


Charlene Holly was holding her 11-month-old grandchild and helping four other grandchildren rehearse church choir songs in her first-floor apartment on South Prairie Avenue when she heard a loud boom outside her home. Eight officers, dressed in army fatigues, burst through her front door. Once inside, they pointed guns at Holly and her grandchildren and yelled at everyone to get onto the ground. The grandchildren ran into a bedroom because the officers and their guns scared them. Officers then told Holly to put her baby grandchild down and keep the infant's hands where they could see them. When Holly asked why the officers were in her home and went to go check on her grandchildren, officers told her to "Shut the f**k up and pushed her to the ground. Samuel Holly

Additional plaintiffs:
  • Samuel Holly
  • Unnamed Children



$95,000 total payments