Settling for Misconduct
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Case 11-CV-3388



Sexual harassment/abuse Illegal search/seizure

Plaintiff: Jane Doe

Incident date: 09/15/2009


Officers Watson and Starks offered to help Jane Doe and her female companions by taking them home after they found themselves too intoxicated to drive. The officers drove them to the home of one of the women, where Doe had parked her car. Watson said he would drive Doe home in her car while Starks followed behind in the squad car. Doe agreed and got in the back seat of her car. Watson got into the front seat of the car and started to drive her to her apartment. During the ride, Watson reached into the back seat and fondled Doe's breasts. Frightened and alarmed, she moved out of his reach. Arriving at the apartment, both officers insisted on entering as well. Out of fear, Doe began to shake and struggled to unlock her front door, which the officers unlocked for her. Inside the apartment, Watson began to undress Doe despite her protests. He said, “I'm just trying to help you get into bed.” He then undressed her until she had no clothing on and sexually assaulted her. Doe asked Watson to stop and to leave, but he refused. At the same time, Starks took pictures of her with his cellphone. After receiving a call from a friend, Doe managed to summon help, and the officers left. She filed a complaint with the Chicago Police Department regarding the incident and the Internal Affairs Division opened an “investigation.” However, the investigation concluded there was no evidence to support the allegations of sexual misconduct. The Police Department has not disciplined the officers or held them accountable.



$400,000 total payments



$400,000 total payments